William Crowbourne: A Biography

Born in the Cotswolds, William spent his childhood playing football, reading books and wanting to be a writer without actually bothering to practice. He read Ancient History and Archaeology in Llanbedr Pont Stefan in Wales and taught English for five years in Osaka, Japan. Newly returned to England he spends his time applying fruitlessly for jobs and writing his debut novel.

      He has been published 10 times in the last year, under various names, in publications such as SFX (a pithy review of Starship Troopers), Kansai Time Out and Kansai Scene. He continues to write for the latter. This adds to dozens of published letters, a renga, haiku and newsletters in England and Japan.



Kansai Scene: A-Z of 2010


SFX – One line review of  Starship Troopers (as Will Tyrman)

Kansai Scene:


Osaka European Film Festival 2009

Hosokawa – history repeating

Sour Strawberries: A review

Monster Parents – origins

Kansai Time Out:

Hiking The Midosuji


The 100 Yuan Challenge



The Telegraph – A haiku letter.


Editor of  The Osakan


 Contributor to Naniwa:


Drovers Arts Festival – Witch Trial (Play)


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