My Novel: A Millieu


A Millieu:

     The world of Jack Whitehorse is a parrallel universe. Not just parrallel but also one set in the near future, 2043. It combines possible alternate realities as well as possible developments in the near future.

     The major difference between our world and that of Jack Whitehorse is the Draw of Hastings in 1066. As it was a draw few can remember the exact date. Harold Godwinson, instead of tackling the Danes at Stamford Bridge, prepared exclusively for the Norman invasion and took it head on. The result was a draw.

     The major repercussions of such a change in history would be keenly felt in our history. For example, it is unlikely that St. George would ever become our patron saint (as he was introduced by Richard the Lionheart) and we would have a different flag. So, St Edmund would have remained the patron saint of England and our flag would have remained the white dragon on a red background.

     Another difference would have been our relations with the Welsh kingdoms, Scotland and Ireland. These aspects are not so much in the mind of the novel but would be an interesting subject to think about.

    By 2043 most cars run on electric. They are charged via their parking spaces. This is also a wireless world. We are not just talking about wireless internet but a full on wireless world. This is because a number of companies, right now, are working on technology whereby devices can be powered and recharged at  a distance.  This involves targetting energy waves. At the moment this is quite difficult to do as energy does not move in straight lines or from A to B but rather spreads out like a Chinese fan.


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