Haiku Book

Hello All,

I am bringing back the blog from its dust covered resting place and will eventually buy a web title for it. As of last Thursday I’ve been putting together a book of haiku. The plan is to have 108 haiku/senryu mixed with 4 haibun and an introduction. I might also add some chapters on Japanese poetry and notes to the poems. The ever wonderful Kiersty Boon has agreed to write a foreword for me. Thank you so much Narnie! You will find the book on Amazon Kindle and Lulu’s ebooks (Apple Store and Nook) by the end of the month and maybe a paperback print version too by the end of December. I’ll be working on a special hard back edition too if it is feasible. More to come soon, Will Crowbourne



No matter how fate

batters me, denies me,

what she gives others,

I shall not fall to my knees,

nor bow my head in defeat.

One Day

Exploring new tracks,
My hands are running blind,
With my lips kissing.
I am finding my own way
To your satisfaction.

Love & Books

This is a tanka written last year and posted on an old blog under the name W.F. Tyrman.

Raise a mighty tome
As my ever lasting tomb,
Through sheaths i roam,
Searching for feelings unknown,
And hearts, unbroken by me.

August Haiku

Sideways/slanted rain

Falling on set aside stone,

A wall pulled apart.



Arms looping a loop

Under pitter patter shells,

Walking into town.

Teaching Monday

Flying clouds, lost sun,
Breeze blowing tumbling papers,
Ten Harry Potters