Haiku Book

Hello All,

I am bringing back the blog from its dust covered resting place and will eventually buy a web title for it. As of last Thursday I’ve been putting together a book of haiku. The plan is to have 108 haiku/senryu mixed with 4 haibun and an introduction. I might also add some chapters on Japanese poetry and notes to the poems. The ever wonderful Kiersty Boon has agreed to write a foreword for me. Thank you so much Narnie! You will find the book on Amazon Kindle and Lulu’s ebooks (Apple Store and Nook) by the end of the month and maybe a paperback print version too by the end of December. I’ll be working on a special hard back edition too if it is feasible. More to come soon, Will Crowbourne


The Poet Busker

1. The Poet Buskery by KIERSTY BOON

The Poet Busker is Kiersty Boon’s second book but her first poetry collection. Her debut, Walking On Chalk (available on Amazon) followed street artist Ern and Kate on a truly enchanting journey. Boon, however, is better known for her poetry and this is no disappointment.

The book is divided into 7 collections. They are as follows:

1. The Music Collection

2. The Madness Collection

3. The Love Collection

4. The Life Collection

5. The Woman Collection

6. The 20 Minute Collection

7. The Writing Collection

This would be a review¬†of almost academic proportions if it were to analyse each and every poem. For me stand out poems include “Some Tatty Compliment And More Costello” from section 1. I’ll quote the first stanza because it helps define for me why her poetry is so good (and I do not arse lick for the sake of it):

Two lovers entwined, diagonal

‘Cross the bed, exhausted

Invigorated by the

Fresh, familiar feeling

That they experience

Each time they barely touch.

Other favourites include Gipsy Hips and Devling from The Love Collection. Boon draws on a variety of life experiences with her tongue rolling mouth melting lines. The Poet Busker is a book you will want to dip into again and again. Filled with the kind of poems you want to frame on the wall for inspiration. Just buy it.

To buy visit Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/the-poet-busker/7462853

Also check out her website: http://www.boonwriter.co.uk/